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Collaboration essentials for newbies

How to create the basis for success when your organization is new to collaboration. If you are new to the concept of formalized collaboration (strategic alliances, channel partnering, public private partnerships), what should you focus on to ‘get things right’? I was recently interviewed on the Collaborative Business Podcast by my colleague Peter Simoons. Towards the…

Collaboration essentials for newbies was originally published on Allinnova


10 ways to derail the integration of a startup

I recently had lunch with a CFO friend for an emerging medical device company. Since I hadn’t seen him in a while, I wanted find out how the startup was progressing. I was especially interested if there might be acquisition potential. This would meet my recently developed interest in the process involved with discovery, selection and integration of…

10 ways to derail the integration of a startup was originally published on Allinnova

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