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The magic sauce that makes business and personal life successful is the ability to collaborate beyond individual differences.

The topic of innovation and how established corporates can embrace it without choking the fragile life out of it in short order, is getting increased attention recently.  It is an important topic, and one that is often riddled with misunderstandings, mis-informations and misconceptions.

With this blog, and with my company Allinnova, I am working to make a small difference for those that recognize the need for ‘better’ and ‘different’.

Based on experience in the ‘pure’ alliance management field, we are concentrating on the aspects of appropriate due diligence of innovation startups and the integration and alignment process once two potential partners have found each other.



photo of Joost Allard

For more than a decade, I have been involved with entrepreneurship and alliance building. Most recently, this has resulted in a focus on lean startup, entrepreneur coaching and Corporate-Startup partnering (David and Goliath).

I have managed my own boutique consulting firm, Allinnova LLC, with a narrow focus of developing and applying capability-focused tools and services within alliance teams. Based on work with a variety of clients, Allinnova developed a unique assessment to help organizations determine and enhance their ability to collaborate successfully.

I have always had an interest in community and social issues, resulting in volunteer positions within the US Military community, especially during my years in Germany. In the past several years, I also was integrally involved with the development of community oriented ventures such as The Divorce Expo and Just Pink for Girls.

Before I started for myself, I worked as a principal and account executive at Business Marketing Group in Seattle in the early days of partnering and alliance management in the high-tech world. Before switching my focus to alliance management, I worked in in-house IT teams at several organizations, including FINRA and Price Waterhouse.

I currently live and work in the most dynamic region in the US, South East Michigan, which includes the Detroit Metro region and the entrepreneurial scene of Ann Arbor.

For more on consulting services and integration coaching, please see our Allinnova website


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